unrEVOked 3.2: 1 click root for Sense 2.2 UPDATE

Update: The unrEVOked have pulled 3.2 indefinitely, with 3.14 being put back up to hold you over. You can find 3.14 here if you really need it.

The bright minds over at unrEVOked have done it again with the 3.2 release of their 1 click root method. This time around, the downloadable file is said to work on most any device using Sense over Android 2.2; Desire, EVO, DROID Incredible. As of right this minute, the unrEVOked team has put a hold on downloads due to some very small scale problems. You can keep track of the progress on when the site will go live again through the unrEVOked Twitter account. Once everything is ironed out, go to unrEVOked.com to grab the 1 click root file, and to find instructions on exactly what to do.