Vibrant update pops up in Kies, GPS apparently fixed

UPDATE: Not a lot of info here, but T-Mobile announced via their Twitter account, in response to a user, that it’s best to wait for the update OTA:

“An OTA update will be announced soon. Please do not install the kies update due to some known issues.”

END UPDATE (Thanks, Jon)

If you’re a Vibrant owner that is not using Samsung’s syncing and update app, Kies, now might be the time to download it. Users are reporting the availability of software update JI5, which, while still Android 2.1, contains a number of fixes, including a major improvement in GPS performance! Media Hub, is on board as well. That’s pretty much all the information we have at the moment, but if you get the update, let us know what your experience is like in the comments.

Download Kies here.

Image vis xda-developers

Thanks to Scott for sending this in!