WeTab with MeeGo will run Android apps

Noah from PhoneDog got some hands on time with the Meego-powered WePad at the Intel Developer’s Forum this week and covered the various hardware options at different price points, major multi-tasking (like 20 windows), and an overview of the not-quite-ready-for-prime-time experience. Although, in reference to that last point, I should mention that the next incremental version of Meego, 1.1, is due in October and will utilize the hardware support for multitouch.

But one new piece of information has come out about the WePad, which will be selling for $550 to $750 USD in the coming weeks; it will run Android apps. In addition to support for the native MeeGo apps, Java, Linux, and Adobe Air applications, the unit will support Android programs. There is not word on how the “Meta-Store” will integrate content from the various platforms, but if the finding and sorting of apps is made simple, this could put the WeTab near the front of the tablet herd, as a major iPad competitor.

Via JKontheRun and PhoneDog