Why the T-Mobile G2 is my Next Android Device

Finally the big moment we have been all been waiting for (who am I kidding, probably just me) has arrived: An official G2 announcement straight from the horses mouth including detailed specs.  Yes, thats right T-mobile’s website now has an official press shot of the device found at http://g2.t-mobile.com/ and full specs/features at http://www.t-mobile.com/shop/phones/Cell-Phone-Detail.aspx?cell-phone=T-Mobile-G2-with-Google and for me they don’t dissappoint not one bit. I’ve already settled on the G2 being my next Android device (and maybe yours too) and here is why:

Faster Data Speeds

If your fortunate enough to live in an area with T-mobile’s ever expanding HSPA+ network, and data speeds are important to you, then the T-Mobile G2 is a no brainer.  The G2′s new Qualcomm Snapdragon™ MSM7230 chipset supports download speeds up to 14.4mbps whereas other T-mobile 3G devices max out at 7.2mbps down. While it still doesn’t take full advantage of T-Mobiles speedy 21mbps download potential, it does offer double the speed potential of any other device in the line up and for the time being keeps me satisfied on the speed front. Right now with my 7.2mbps download capable Nexus One on T-Mobile HSPA+ I consistently average between 3 to 4.5mbps on the download,  which is pretty impressive being as the Nexus One is only partially compatible with HSPA+, I can’t wait to see what the G2 pulls in on real life test.

GB’s of Internal Memory

One of my biggest beefs with the Nexus One is its lack of any real amount of internal storage and because of that I am constantly getting low on the phones internal memory, so much so that it will block incoming text until I free up some space. The G2 offers a generous 4Gb of internal storage , which for me, will all be left for application and application data and that should be plenty as I have never had even a GB’s worth of apps installed at once. I’ll keep all my music, pictures and movies on my 16GB SD card and never worry about app storage again.  Before I was uninstalling apps NOT because I didn’t like them but rather because I had to weigh their worth vs their amount of MB taking up my precious internal storage. I’ll be happy for this issue to go away with the G2.

Vanilla Android

This maybe the most important aspect of the G2 for me. I like what HTC does with their devices as far as the added functionality goes but I don’t like the delay in firmware updates. I am happy to say that the T-Mobile G2 is a Vanilla Android 2.2 device (minus having 2 extra home screens) and the only thing standing between me and future Android firmware updates is Google and T-mobile (no doubt, I’d rather it just be Google, but I’ll take what I can get) and that makes me a very happy camper. I’ve expressed my distaste for 3rd party Android skins so I need not go on that rant but I will say that this is the biggest seller for me and I almost feel like the G2 will be the next ADP and possibly sold unlocked by Google.

720p Video Recording

One of the improvements over the iteration of the Snapdragon CPU found in the Nexus One vs the new Next Gen CPU found in the G2, is a better handling of 720p video recording. I’ve never been one to take a lot of video from my cell phone but thats mostly because, outside of a few exceptions, video recording on cell phones kinda sucks.  However based on what I have read about the Qualcomm Snapdragon™ MSM7230, I am really anxious to test out the video recording on the device and see if it bests the lousy 720p performance of the HTC EVO 4G. If it turns out that the quality is the same or worse then  we can scratch this from the list but for now I’m remaining optimistic.

3 to 4x better GPU

I am such a nerd that as soon as Cyanogen discovered the Snapdragon™ MSM7230 was going to be powering the G2, I went about scouring the net for as much info as I could find on the chipset and one of my favorite discoveries was the inclusion of an updated GPU. The current lineup of HTC Android phones powered by the Snapdragon processor all use the Adreno 200 for its GPU and with the processor found in the G2, its now been updated to the Adreno 205 which promises 3 to 4x better GPU performance. This is big for anyone who is a gamer or wants the casual games they do play to run as smooth as possible, the G2′s GPU promises to offer that and more as its compared performance wise to the GPU found in the iPhone 4 and performs just under the GPU powering the Samsung Galaxy S phones. Also, the Adreno 205 GPU is better optimized for Flash 10.1 and always for better hardware acceleration and their for better performance with less strain on the CPU alone.

I actually have a few more reasons why this will be my next Android device (Hardware Keyboard, Next Gen CPU etc.) and why it should be yours as well however I found these to be the most important to me and generally the most important to potential buyers. I am gonna waste no time in pre-ordering  mine the minute it goes live (as I did with G1, the Mytouch and the Nexus One) and imagine I won’t regret it one bit. However I don’t expect everyone to feel the same way, so lemme know your thoughts on T-Mobile’s new Flagship Android phone and if it will be meeting your pocket anytime soon.