You want a new Nexus One on T-Mo? Look North!

A new carrier has launched in Canada, and one of their first mobile gadgets is a Google Nexus One–the first to be subsidized in the Great White North. Quebec’s Videotron is offering up unlocked N1s at $479.95, and they function on the same bands as T-Mobile US’ 3G. After an hour of holding the phone (Videotron is having a very busy launch), an agent confirmed that the device is carrier unlocked and ready to rock for us English-speaking N1 fiends in the States. For those in Quebec, an N1 can be had for just $99.95 Canadian on contract.

Has the demand for N1s declined since their discontinuation? It seems to me that the nostalgia for the Sexy Nexy has given way to enthusiasm for some stunning upcoming devices. Those of you who want some of that fresh-out-tha-box N1 action have another shot, right here.

Via Videotron (Thanks, Nate!)