Adobe Flash 10.1 reaches 1 million downloads in the Android Market

It was August 16th when Flash first entered the Market, available only to users of a Nexus One. Since then, the spectrum of Flash 10.1 users has grown immensely, and Adobe’s numbers reflect that: 1 million total downloads from the Android Market.

As impressive as it is, the story is still bittersweet. There has been many a problem surrounding Flash for mobile devices, and there will continue to be more. With Flash being one of the strongest advertising points for Android in general, the quicker any bugs are squashed the better.

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and Flash accessible Android devices are becoming easier to obtain. With that in mind, expect to see 1 million turn into 2 million in no time at all. Congrats Adobe, keep doin’ what you do.

Via Phonedog