Android Market officially hits the 100k mark

At first glance, this may come off as slightly confusing, as this isn’t the first time the Android Market has been rumored to hit 100,000 apps. Back in July, AndroidLib announced that the Market had reached the 100k mark. Shortly thereafter, the fine folks at Google took it upon themselves to set the confusion straight: The Market had really reached 70,000, not 100,000, but still quite an impressive number. Fast forward to the beginning of September, and the Market was said to have grown to 80,000 apps via the press release for the T-Mobile G2. Numbers wise, that translates to a growth rate of roughly 180 new apps a day.

The newest announcement of the Android Market’s app count comes from none other than the @AndroidDev Twitter account, and places the total number of apps in the Market at around 100,000. If that number is correct, than that means that growth rate of the Market from September to October was nearly double that of the rate from July to September: ~360 new apps a day. With the continued success of Android, would you expect anything else? iOS may still be in the lead with over 300,000 apps available to the platform, but 100,000 certainly came sooner than expected.

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Via AndoridDev by way of PhoneDog

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