Android paid apps support adds 20 more countries, 18 more to follow

Paid Android apps have been severely limited in their user-base, and Google is slowly changing this. Today they’re adding support for 20 more countries, making 32 countries total that can purchase paid apps and 29 that can develop them.

Google also promises that over the next two weeks, users from 18 more countries will be able to purchase paid apps.

Although Google has been dragging its feet on this (Android Market launched how long ago?) perhaps they’ve been inspired by some “competing”* Android app stores recently announced, like Verizon V CAST apps and Amazon’s offering. Although those markets won’t affect much outside of the US at launch (Amazon’s might expand thereafter), it’s still reason for Google to provide a better service and keep the Android Market on people’s minds as the default app store.

See the list of supported countries at the link below.

* I say “competing” in quotes because, hey, Android support is Android support.

via Android Developers blog

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