App review: Brightness Rocker

Do you ever casually stroll through the “just in” apps on the Android Market and find something great? Such is the story with me and Brightness Rocker: An ingenious app works well in any number of situations. Let’s take a second to go over the basics.

The way BR works is whenever you press your volume rocker, a slide bar pops up allowing you to change the brightness of your screen. It blends in well with the volume notification that pops up as well. For the most part, that’s all there is to it. Wanna change the brightness of your device on the fly? Press the volume rocker, boom: Brightness Rocker.

Where the app really shines through though, is the options. For me personally, I don’t need the Brightness Rocker adjustment bar to pop up all the time. It’s most useful when I’m playing a game or watching a video. So if you head on over to the options, you can change when the Brightness Rocker comes up. Whether it’s during media, ringtone, neither, or both, you’re sure to find the combo that suits you best. If you should chose neither, a BR icon will just appear in your notification bar. You can also change how quickly the Brightness Rocker slider fades out, but in the free version, it must be above 5 seconds.

So there you have it folks, very simple, very quick, very effective. You can download Brightness Rocker in the Android Market now, or scan the QR code below. Anyone gonna give it a try? Let me know what you think: @du57in.