App review: History Eraser

As much as I love Android, there are still plenty of times when I’m trying to do something and all I can think is “Seriously? There’s no better way to do this?” Take for example, erasing your search history for the Android Market. I understand it’s such a small amount of data, it shouldn’t matter. At this point, it’s simply about just being able to do it. The closest you can get is by going to Settings>Applications>Manage>Market>Clear Cache or Clear Data. If you choose clear cache, nothing. Clear data clears everything, and that’s a little extreme. So what am I to do? Download History Eraser.

History Eraser comes in two versions from DUMAPIC: MarketHistoryEraser for devices still stuck on 1.5, and History Eraser for everyone else. History Eraser is available for any unrooted device on 1.6 or higher, and comes in English, French, or Japanese. This is essentially how the app works: When you open the app, you are presented with 5 categories in which you can choose different types of history to erase. The categories are Call Log, Contacts, Standard Browser, Google apps, and Misc.

Within each category, there is anywhere from one to 1-4 choices of what kind of history to erase. For example: Click Google apps, and you can select Market, GoogleMap, YouTube, or GoogleEarth search histories. From there, simply make your selection, press OK, and you’re done. There are no menus, or preferences. There are no hidden features, or surprise functions. It’s as simple as it’s name: History Eraser erases history. For me, that’s as good as it gets.

To download History Eraser, check out our DroidDog apps page here, scan the QR code below, or search the market now. Let me know what you guys think of the app in the comments below.

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