App review: Pattern Wallpapers

I have a problem. I change my wallpaper far too often. If I was content with the average wallpaper from the average wallpaper site, this wouldn’t be a problem. Instead, I shudder at the thought of using a picture of a car or some buxom young blonde as a wallpaper for a day (no offense if you happen to enjoy either). I’m a big fan of bold colors, stark patterns, and for the most part, overall simplicity. Last night when I happened to be browsing Reddit, I found my seamless heaven: Pattern Wallpapers.

Pattern Wallpapers is an extremely simple app that utilizes the massive library of seamless patterns available from You may recognize the site as it is the same one used by Themeleon, the endorsed by Twitter profile customization tool found in the right menu bar when changing the design colors of your Twitter profile. It is incredibly impressive how well these patterns transition from Twitter background (or what have you) to phone wallpaper. Here’s how Pattern Wallpapers works:

When you first open PW, you are greeted with a random selection of seamless patterns that are all user created. From here, you can either go forward or backward in order of when the patterns were submitted. You can also press the random refresh button to start off somewhere else. This random refresh feature is necessary because there are currently over 1,000,000 patterns to choose from, and the number continues to grow.

If you spy a pattern preview you’d like to see more of, touch it, and it will appear as how it will look on one portion of your homescreen. Since these patterns are seamless, they will appear the same on every homescreen (as opposed to the hood of your favorite car appearing on one screen, and the rear end on another). From the now larger pattern preview, you can cancel to back out, set the wallpaper, or heart it.

With all the patterns available to you, how do you keep track of the ones you like? After selecting a pattern, you can press a button labeled solely with a heart. The patterns you heart will appear in a designated section easily available through the main UI. In the preferences, you can change how many patterns you can heart. I should mention right now that the only other preference available in the settings menu is how hard you have to shake your device to auto-refresh the pattern selection.

If you’re having a hard time finding something you like from the random selections, try searching for a keyword. It’s fast and generally pretty accurate.

There is one more thing I should mention regrading Colour Lovers website. As I mentioned above, the patterns are user created. That means you can create your own through Colour Lovers, and then search for them in PW. Their appearance will be instantaneous. I created a DroidDog themed stripe pattern that can easily be found by searching DroidDog within the app.

That’s really all there is to it. I have an amazing amount of choices from simple bold patterns, to ornate color explosions, available to me whenever I so choose. It truly is my wallpaper app “unicorn.” To download Pattern Wallpapers, you can scour the market now, or simply scan the QR code below. Let me know how you like it in the comments below.

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