AudioGalaxy returns, repurposed and ready to rock

Through its various incarnations, including P2P music sharing hub, Rhapsody partner in the pay-to-stream biz, and as a place-shifting service, AudioGalaxy has garnered legions of fans and a fair amount of high profile attention.

Many Android users (10,000 to 50,000, according to the Android Market) are familiar with the AudioGalaxy app, but after shutting down new registrations and retooling a few things behind the scenes for a while, I’d say this service is now worth another look. I got an email yesterday saying, “AudioGalaxy is now open!” This was apparently in response to my signing up on a wait list…I don’t even remember when. But I’m finding that the serious lag that plagued the system at one time has been all but eliminated, so perhaps a staggered upgrade and rationed signups were just what the doctor ordered.

For those that haven’t heard of AG, it now consists of a helper app that runs on your computer, monitoring your music catalog and listing all of your DRM-free tracks; an app for your phone that can play those MP3s via stream from your computer; and a website, where you can listen to your songs, organize playlists, etc. Check it out: