Controlling Google TV, Logitech Revue with Harmony Android app

The keyboard that comes bundled with Logitech’s Goggle TV box, the Revue (unboxing and early look) is functional and fairly user friendly, but it is a bit bulky und unwieldy for television interaction from a reclining position or in bed. So it’s nice that Logitech has released a free Harmony remote app in the Android Market (screen grabs below video).

It’s not the sleekest interface I’ve ever seen, but then again, some buttons are populated specifically for the options your television and dish/cable box are capable of. That said, some standard graphics for vol up down, channel up down, and a D-pad would be a welcome replacement for the squares of text currently used for TV/receiver/box control.

The buttons and surface images used for DVRs and the Revue itself look great and are easy to understand after a quick glance. Using your cell phone’s keyboard to search for a movie, actor, television station or program topic is a thrill. Virtual and hardware keyboards can be used but I had to have my G2′s slide-out keyboard open before hitting the search key for it to function.

The program is functional and free. So if you’re a Revue owner, it’s definitely worth the download and a fair shot in your TV experience.

UPDATE: After connecting the phone to the Revue over the network six or seven times, the phone saved a network settings scheme and attached it to my Google ID. Now, when I boot the app and it’s looking for the Revue on my network, I only have to tap my Google ID and it connects–no more manual entry of IP address.

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