Epic gaming hack: Who needs keys when you’ve got Swype?

My recent time with T-Mobile’s G2 taught me that I’ve become wholly reliant upon software QWERTYs. With Swype on hand, I just can’t find a convincing reason to use a slide-out, though I’m still open to finding my hardware keyboard soulmate. I’m not the only one who feels so strongly about Swype, and Cary Golomb from BrainLazy is in the same boat with his Epic 4G. But instead of leaving that slider in the hidden-and-locked position, he decided to repurpose it…for gaming.

The first gaming problem Cary noticed with his Epic’s kb was that keys that would bork a solid run in a game were way to easily mashed on accident. Why not remove them? At first, the plan was to create a new D-pad with a 3D printer (now *that’s* a hard-core gamer!), but after removing offending keys and hacking away those that just aren’t necessary for his pursuits, Golomb realized he had a pretty decent gaming mobile in his hands.

We obviously can’t recommend doing something like this to your phone, but if you’re not content to wait around on a Playstation Android, and you happen to have a vast resource of crazy genius in store, hey…why not? Check out the whole mod/thought process here.

Via BrainLazy by way of Android Community