FrostWire P2P sharing comes to Android

P2P client giant, FrostWire, has an app for file sharing that sits in the Android Market with less than 50 downloads (at the time of this writing) priced at $4.99. But because the program is in the early testing stages at this point, you can grab yourself a free copy over at the Frostware website.

FrostWire is an offshoot of LimeWire and the desk/laptop version of their gnutella/BitTorrent client facilitates sharing files with millions of users on the Internet. The Android client, which could only share on a single home network when it first became available, has now opened up to the world at large, as the changelog states, but I’m having trouble getting results on the most common names in music.

The app lets you search images, video, ringtones, music, applications, and documents, and tapping the icon next to your search term vues an animation of the file type panel that lets you switch from say, videos to music. The program also includes a chat room, but like my file search, I wasn’t able to get a response. I’m starting to wonder if the program only facilitates sharing with other Android users, not providing access to the massive network of sharers found in the desktop client. Sharing can occur over Wi-Fi only; no 3G transfers are permitted.

FrostWaire is in the very early stages on the Android platform but if it catches on to the point that a few thousand files are always available, I think it’s safe to say that it has a chance of absolutely exploding in popularity.

Via Phandroid.

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