Gingerbread’s leakage continues, new screen off animation revealed

Slowly but surely, more information about Gingerbread continues to trickle down. Today, we have a video courtesy of Phandroid, showing a brand new animation for when a user turns off the screen. The effect looks very much like an old tube TV turning off. It looks cool and fits in with the goal of adding eye candy to the OS, but it’s nothing groundbreaking. However, if this becomes a customizable component like Live Wallpapers, it could help take Android customization to next level. This constant leaking of Gingerbread information is starting to look a lot like the Froyo and Nexus One’s back in January. First we get a picture, then a video of some random animation, then the Gingerbread statue arrives at the Googleplex, and so on and so on. Stay tuned, I’m sure we’ll get another piece of the puzzle either later today or tomorrow.

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