Google implements security controls for enterprise

Within the next few days, the Android Market will carry a Google Apps Device Policy application. The app allows enterprise administrators to remotely control access from and to the phone. Now, features that have long been present in enterprise popular platforms (read BlackBerry) are officially supported in Android, making the operating system much more appealing for business applications.

Google made the announcement yesterday in Japan at the Google Enterprise Day event. In a bid to ensure security in corporate environments, Google has implemented the following features:

Remotely wipe all data from lost or stolen mobile devices
Lock idle devices after a period of inactivity
Require a device password on each phone
Set minimum lengths for more secure passwords
Require passwords to include letters and numbers

When an employee leaves a company, admins can limit access to corporate information without affecting access to other areas of the device.

Google Apps Premier and Education Edition customers will have access to the app for free. More information will be available during a live webcast on November 10th. Register for it here.