Hands-on videos of Motorola DEFY, FLIPOUT, and FLIPSIDE [PhoneDog]

Aaron Baker over at sister site PhoneDog got his mitts all over three of Motorola’s announced devices at their pre-CTIA event, the rugged DEFY, the tween magnet FLIPOUT, and the standard qwerty-slider FLIPSIDE. Sorry for yelling all those names at you.

All three devices ship with Android 2.1 and are fully MOTOBLURed.

Like we’ve said before, these budget phones are not going to excite techies and Android nuts looking for the latest and greatest, but along with Moto’s DROID Pro, they should find new sets of customers that might not have been interested in smartphones, Android or otherwise, previously. Moms, teens, and BlackBerry addicts can find something to latch onto in one of Motorola’s latest offerings. And, hey, even tech geeks might need a cheap and rugged phone like the DEFY to throw in gym bags, drop down stairs, or take to the beach.

Without further ado, here are the three videos:

Motorola DEFY


Motorola FLIPOUT


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