Look out Apple TV, Google TV has apps

I haven’t even had my Apple TV for a week yet, but I’m comfortable saying that I undertand its current features and functionality. Honestly, I think it’s great. I can stream content from my Macbook Pro, rent movies and TV shows from iTunes, and the remote is super sexy. Perhaps most importantly, I don’t have to use the throwaway crap Blu-ray DVDs Netflix hands out to PS3 owners like quarter-cent religious tracts. No, Apple TV has the native app, right now. Sweet.

But you know what Apple TV is lacking though? The no-brainer, that-just-makes-sense kind of feature that will no doubt pop up in an update before too long? Other apps! It’s hard to imagine launching the all new, super small, sexy little box without such support after reworking so many other aspects of the product, but that’s the situation–iPhone, iPad, and television-specific apps are a no-go for the living room set.

Google has another plan in mind for their television counterpart, and it apparently includes launching their kickin’ new product with apps in effect. Check it out, along with Google’s TV site, google.com/tv:

Via Google Blog