MKB Reviews: Dolt

DoIt is a highly polished, very functional Android To-Do list and note-taking application available for all versions of Android. This productivity tool has proven to be ridiculously helpful when it comes to remembering things to do and where to be at certain times. It can be used as a grocery list, a to-do-list, or a place to store pertinent information. As a student I’ve found this application immensely helpful when it comes to remembering homework and projects that I need to work on.

The developer has taken a slightly different approach to settings and options with this application. There is a permanent strip at the bottom of the app that allows you to sort tasks by due date priority or name. Also at the bottom is a search button for scanning through notes and a plus and minus button for adding and subtracting from your list. Overall there isn’t much I could complain about in this application. I haven’t found anything wrong with it and it’s been very helpful!

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