More details on the Moto Ciena

Android and Me has some interesting information on the freshly leaked Motorola Ciena that definitely raises some unanswered questions. The last time we heard about the Ciena was under the name WX445, or MOT CITRUS, in a leaked Verizon inventory sheet. Back then, we didn’t know specs, or what the device looks like. Both of those have now changed:

3.0 inch QVGA display (120 dpi)
528 MHz Qualcomm MSM7625 CPU
512 MB ROM
256 MB RAM
3 megapixel camera (fixed focal length, no flash)
Android 2.1 running a semi-Motoblur skin, lacking all the social messaging tie-ins
BackTrack rear trackpad

The interesting information we now know is that the Ciena only has 100MB user available storage (as opposed to the required 150MB), no ambient light sensor, and no vibrate function; All things needed to run 2.1 as defined by the Android 2.1 Compatibility Definition Document. Clearly, the picture above shoes the device running 2.1, so what gives? The Ciena was originally thought to see release in September, but has obviously missed that window. That leaves us with four big questions:

Would Motorola put out a device with no GAPPS?
Are these leaked specs wrong?
Will the Ciena ever actually see a release?
Does anyone care?

Honestly, the time has come and gone for a device with specs like this, no matter what the price. By the time 2011 rolls around, when dual core processors will all but be the norm for high end devices, a phone like the Ciena will be the week before yesterday’s news. For the uninformed consumer, it’s a heartache waiting to happen. Motorola, spare us the grief and just let this one go, please?

Via Android and Me