myTouch 4G struts it’s many colors on film

Up until now, we’ve only heard that the myTouch 4G would be coming in multiple colors: black, purple (or egg plant), red, and white. Thanks to CellPhone Signal, we now get to see them.

As you can see, the black, purple, and red version all come with a dark greyish metal back, while the white’s back is a bit more bright. According to anyone who’s had some hand’s one time with the device, that metal back makes for a very solid feeling. No exact release date has been announced for the mT4G, but look for it to hit retail sometime this November. Now that you guys have seen the color options, which one suits your fancy? If I were to end up grabbing this device, I’d go egg plant all the way. Just sayin’. More pictures available here.

Via CellPhone Signal

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