Nook Color likely dropping this week, image leaked

Barnes & Noble’s NYC event this week will coincide nicely with the release of a Nook software update that focuses on synch and performance enhancements, like a faster page turn. But the Nook 2, long referred to as Project Encore, looks to be bringing more to the table than a couple of new bullet points and tweaks.

The image below turned up in the accessory section of B& and the folks over at cnet grabbed it before the accessory page was taken down. The name of the add on? The Nook Color Screen Film Kit.

So it looks like the “Nook 2″ title is out the window, and we’re staring at a render of the single screened, Nook Color. Get your pocketbooks ready, as this bad boy is expected to go for $250, both at B&N locations and at WalMart.

Via cnet

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