Nov. 3rd: T-Mobile tethering, myTouch, and more

November 3rd is going to be an important day for T-Mobile users this holiday season, as today it was leak-nounced that Magenta will start to offer tethering plans to the tune of $14.99 a month, so long as you meet the specified requirements: an unlimited data plan of $19.99 or higher, and a 3G or HSPA+ capable device. The best part? Tethering plans will be available to post-pay and Flexpay customers. Now before you go getting yourself in a tizzy, yes I understand there will most likely always be ways around this, but, there are a lot of T-Mobile customers out there who would just as soon not root, and actually pay the $15 a month. Also launching that day is T-Mobile’s newest data plans, featuring a $10 200MB plan; Hence the need to specify the requirement of an unlimited data plan of $19.99 or higher to tether. As of right now, that’s all you can get.

So why else is November 3rd a big day? Launches galore. Starting that day, you’ll not only see the Motorola DEFY, LG Optimus T, and T-Mobile Comet, but you’ll finally witness the culmination of Project Emerald(anyone remember that one?): The myTouch 4G(HD/new myTouch/Emerald). The myTouch 4G was confirmed for a November 3rd launch once before, but seeing a second totally separate leak solidifies the info.

You’re looking about a week until all of this goes down, so I have to ask, who is grabbing what? Are you looking for your introduction to Android with the Comet? Need a rugged handset, so you’re thinking about the DEFY? Want the latest and greatest so the myTouch 4G is for you? Maybe you’re waiting until the 10th to grab a Tab? Or, how about none at all? Verizon is dropping some great phones very shortly, and Sprint already has a great holiday lineup. AT&T… well, AT&T has the Captivate, and it is definitely still very relevant. Whoever your carrier, and whatever your preference, you’re sure to find something coming soon.

Via BGR, TmoNews

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