Overclocking madness: DROID X & 2

When it comes to the wide world of Android, and the community backing it, there’s no device safe from the prying minds of hackers, devs, and coders everywhere. Just yesterday, we ran a story about the G2′s 800MHz processor being overlcocked to 1.4GHz. Today, it’s the DROID 2 and DROID X’s turn to take the limelight.

The DROID 2 has been oc’ed and has already hit speeds of 1.3GHz while still operating stably. Quadrant scores are looking to be right around ~1950. Once everything is sorted out, expect that number to go higher. More info and instructions here.

The DROID X’s oc isn’t a whole lot, but considering the trouble modders had with the X when first released, 1.1GHz and stable is an impressive start. Unstable, the X is hitting 1.45GHz, but is experiencing reboots after a short amount of time. Quadrant scores for the oc’ed X seem to be hanging around 1700, a vast improvement to the unaltered 1GHz’s 1400. For more info and instructions, check out this thread on AndroidForums.com.

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