Playstation phone is real, and there are real images to prove it

In the first half of August, Engadget posted a mock-up of a phone designed to embody all of the leaks they had regarding an Android phone that was part Playstation. And now, they have some real images of a real device that is actually quite close to that first mock-up.

The gadget is clearly unready for prime time, but the core functions are there: PS controls, a multi-touch trackpad, shoulder bumpers… Sony’s custom UI isn’t complete and the rear of the device looks like pure prototype, but there’s enough here to see what the product is all about and it looks pretty great to me.

Engadget’s Topolsky is looking for a 2011 release though he does point out that a 2010 holiday launch is possible. The phone will come with Gingerbread and a special market app for buying and downloading games.

Via Engagdet