Sharp’s IS03 brings higher res screen to Android, it’s about time

For the length of time Android has been around, and the advancements that have been made in hardware and software, it’s honestly quite shocking that flagship devices are still boasting a 800×480 display. Sure the debate will continue to rage on when it comes to superior screen technology (AMOLED v SAMOLED v LCD v SLCD), but can’t we all agree a higher resolution on a smaller screen would be the bees knees?

Enter: Sharp and their IS03. Not only will the IS03 feature a 9.6MP AF camera and TV tuner, but it can proudly show off a 3.5″ Advanced Super View screen with a resolution matching that of the iPhone 4′s 960×640. Sharp has been long known to make great mobile displays since the union of Sharp and Sidekick, so it almost makes sense that they’d be first out of the gate with a higher resolution. The only problem now is that we don’t know when or in what form this screen technology will leave Japan and make it’s way into US devices. You know, there always was that rumor of a T-Mobile branded Sidekick with Android that would be manufactured by HTC. Maybe sharp could take the reigns and finally give me a device with the display I so badly yearn for. In my dreams.

Via Engadget