Skype hacked to use 3G and WiFi calling

When Skype was finally released into the Android Market for all users to enjoy, there seemed to be one unanimous groan among the Android community: WiFi calling only? There are indeed several reasons as to why this is in place, but who really cares, eh?

Last night, while browsing Twitter, I happened along an interesting hacked .apk. Someone has hacked Skype to work with 3G calling in the US. Unfortunately, I can’t find the original tweet I grabbed the .apk from, so I don’t know if I’m giving credit where credit is due. Nonetheless, thanks to TalkAndroid and xeudoxus from, there is a hacked version of Skype being hosted for all. You can download the app here, and be sure to read the instructions and disclaimer below. Let us know what you think in the comments!

UNINSTALL the original version of Skype before installing this version
Download the Skype3G zip file, and unzip it
Once unzipped, throw the .apk onto your microSD card
Install the .apk via your file manager of choice
Run the app & enjoy your 3G Skype calls!

Disclaimer: Only you are responsible for any wrath you may incur from installing and using this hacked app.