Sony Google TV booted into recovery mode; root not far behind?

While Google TV has just hit a slight snag, it’s becoming more attractive for geeks. A member of AndroidForums has gained access to Recovery Mode on Sony’s Internet TV. Here’s his video walkthrough on doing the same:

I can’t help but think that the Android mod community will convert this into an opportunity to gain root access to Google TV very soon. From there, a wealth of possibilities opens up. For one, the browser responsible for accessing web video can be changed to circumvent the networks’ block of gTV (a simple user agent change might do the trick). And adding the Android Market early (it’s officially expected in the first part of 2011) would drastically expand Google TV devices’ functionality. Here’s one idea for the eager coder out there: an Android app that acts like XBMC’s scrapers, gathering IMDB data for media on a drive hooked up via USB. That would instantly make Google TV my HTPC of choice.

Hope I’m not getting ahead of myself. Good luck to the modders and hackers out there, and the rest of you stay tuned to see just what they can do.

via AndroidForums

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