Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back app

When it’s not crashing or replacing content downloads with a “coming soon” message, Verizon’s 30th anniversary Empire Strikes Back app gives access to some cool stuff. It offers up some collecter card-type images that can be used as wallpaper, a trivia game for those that actually know their Star Wars…trivia, and a Bounty Hunter game for the truly obsessed that encourages consumers to take pictures of Star Wars toys, posters, etc., in the course of some sort of treasure hunt. But the best features the app offers up–after it has been unlocked with a $2.99 charge billed to your VZW account–is four live wallpapers and soundboards featuring 40 sounds.

It’s good that the creators of the app employed some humor, specifically in sound effect choices, because the app itself isn’t all that hot. I edited out the hangs and crashes because I began with 20 minutes of video. Even the hardest of the hard core Star Wars junky wouldn’t want to see all of that, so I did my best to show off the content I was able to access without cussing. I see now why the app has two stars in the Android Market, and I do not contest that rating. A minor update and availability of the video content would bump this app’s value up by at least a star-and-a-half.

This “limited time only” celebration of the Empire Strikes Back 30th anniversary works on DROID X and DROID 2.

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