The Saturday Wrap: 10/23/2010

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Welcome to another edition of the Saturday Wrap where today we’ll be talking about Tabs, Touches, TVs, and tweaks. Also: we wanna hear from you. Find out how to speak up, and make your voice heard.

Hardware news:

As the weather gets colder, release dates on upcoming holiday devices get hotter. Whether it’s the LG Optimus T (early Nov.), T-Mobile Comet (Nov. 3rd), the Nook 2 (?), Motorola DEFY (Nov. 3rd), HTC Merge(Nov. 11th), Samsung Continuum(Oct. 29th), LG Vortex(Oct. 29th), DROID Pro(Nov 11th), DROID 2 Global(Nov. 11th), or myTouch 4G(Nov. 3rd)… there has got to be something that gains your attention. Also landing this November will be the Galaxy Tab in the US: November 11th for Verizon, and November 10th for T-Mobile. So how about it, do you have a favorite? Know which one you’ll be picking up? Look forward to coverage on all these devices and more from DroidDog this holiday season, and if you haven’t already, it’s time to start counting pennies from the piggy bank, eh?

Introducing the HTC Gratia
myTouch 4G video
Samsung announces Galaxy Tab accessories portfolio
Epic gaming hack: Who needs keys when you’ve got Swype?
Synapse-Phones offers made-to-order Androids
myTouch 4G struts it’s many colors on film
Acer Liquid Metal pictured in the hand – plus Acer Android tablet spotted
HTC Bee And Desire Dummy Phones Arrive In Alltel Stores
SMT-i9100: Japan Gets Galaxy Tab-Like Samsung Tablet
Three UK launching HTC Desire HD (and Samsung Galaxy Europa)

Software news:

Earlier this year at Google I/O, it was announced that the world would see the next version of Android (Gingerbread), by the time the weather gets cold. A late October release is pushing it, especially for folks like me in Michigan, but it looks like Gingerbread may finally be upon us. If the leaked homescreen picture or the video of that screen turning off don’t convince you it’s coming soon, perhaps Google putting the Gingerbread man in the front lawn of the Googleplex will. You can watch a video here that shows the Android team pulling the big guy out of a truck, and placing it on the front lawn for all to see. Be sure to listen for the ” you can’t catch me I’m the gingerbread man” joke at around 28 seconds in, good stuff. Oh, and as for what to call Gingerbread, there’s a good chance it’ll be dubbed 2.3. It’s only a matter of time now.

DROID X / DROID 2 hits 3.0GHz?
T-Mobile myTouch HD ROM leaked?
Nook software update coming in November
Original myTouch 3G Froyo update being rolled out now
G2 overclocked to 1.3GHz
TomTom and HTC announce partnership
“All operator versions” of the Galaxy S to see Froyo by end of Nov
Motorola looking for Cliq 2.1 beta testers
More Demos of the X10 Update
Voice Search in Russian, Polish, Czech and Turkish
Sprint releasing Samsung Moment firmware update

App news:

There has definitely been a lot of interesting news surrounding Android apps this past week: Google Voice was updated with the ability to search text and voicemail transcripts, Yahoo! IM with video chat was leaked in .apk form, and our very own DroidDog YouTube account received a copyright infringement claim from HTC over a video on Beautiful Widgets. Although these stories made great headlines, they still pale in comparison to the ongoing success of Angry Birds.

In the first 2 days of release Angry Birds for Android had been downloaded 2 million times. In a post I put up about the download numbers, I tried to put it all into perspective: “Throughout the month of September, Halo Reach for Xbox 360 sold roughly 3.3 million copies. The game released on September 14th, so that means on average, around 200,00 copies a day were sold. In it’s first day of release, 4.7 million copies of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 were sold in North America and the UK alone.” For Angry Birds to hit 2 million downloads that quickly is very impressive. Fast forward a week after release and there’s Angry Birds plushies, cheat codes for skipping levels, and most importantly, more developers trying to build on the momentum Rovio has created. iOS game developer Zeptolab has committed to an Android version of their popular Cut The Rope game to be released sometime in the future, and it’s rumored that other developers will follow suit. If this is a continuing trend, expect to see the Android market fill up with high quality games in no time at all. Whether anyone will be able to capture the success of Angry Birds is yet to be seen, but with wider availability of Android handsets, and a constantly growing user-base, I’d say it shouldn’t be too hard.

Videos and reviews:

This weeks videos and reviews have been dominated by one service: Google TV. The new product from Google is generating a lot of buzz in and out of the blog-sphere, and for good cause:

In a recent poll ran here at DroidDog, around ~500 of you plan on getting Google TV at one time or another. 245 of those votes went to “I’m waiting for reviews and testimonials about those products before I purchase,” so we’re gonna give it to ya.

While some people may be experiencing bad luck with receiving their Logitech Revue by mail, John hasn’t, and we’ve got the videos to prove it. If you’re looking for something to hold you over until yours comes, or maybe you’d just like to educated yourself on the subject, you can check out videos on the unboxing of the Revue, a quick first look at GTV, and a rundown of the Harmony remote app available in the Android Market now. Look for more coverage to come on the service, as well as the hardware that goes along with it.

In MKB’s weekly review, you’ll get to take a good look at the “rock solid, ridiculously full-featured Twitter client for all versions of Android,” Hootsuite. If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to take a first or second look at Hootsuite, the timing is certainly right as the app has just gone free in the Market, along with adding Facebook support. Fierce competition for TweetDeck? We’ll let you be the judge of that.


Alright everyone, that’s all for this week. As I mentioned in the beginning of the Wrap, we want to hear from you. What would you like to see more of around here? Hacks? App reviews? News? More Google? Please be sure to head on over to our poll and put in your vote, for as many options as you’d like. Until next time, enjoy!

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