Upcoming EVO software update ready: rooted or regular

Attention EVO owners, word is that a new OTA update is headed your way: version 3.30.651.2. Those of you who don’t like waiting can grab a rooted version over at xda-developers. Included are improvements to the camera software, kernet, hBoot, and other miscellaneous system fixes. It’s a minor, incremental jump. (I wonder if it will fix a recent bug that frequently leaves me with a blank screen and notification bar.)

If you just want to skip the waiting and go for the standard, non-rooted version, it can be found in this thread. And once again, here is the rooted version with busybox. Standard .zip flash routine, use at your own risk. Personally, I’m just a little weary of jumping on updates ahead of time these days. Of course a Nandroid back up saves the day for rooted users. What about you?

Via Good and EVO