Verizon’s Galaxy Tab rumored to launch on November 1st

The build up to a staggered worldwide launch of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab is leading to a host of launch date and pricing rumors, and the details on the last of the big four to leak are starting to trickle out. T-Mobile US hasn’t leaked a date yet, though a product information and notification system has been launched. Magenta is expected to sell the gadget at $600 – $650 outright and $400 on contract with rebate. Sprint’s street date is said to be November 14th, at the same price points. We’ve known for a couple of weeks that the tablet would launch in the UK on November 1st, and, according to Droid Life–where many a legit VZW rumors are born–Verizon’s Tab will also launch on November 1st. If this is correct, Big Red could very well be the first US carrier to sell the device.

Via Droid Life