Android garage door opener hack: OpenSezMe

Want to use your Android phone to control your garage door opener? Of course you do! But there’s more to this hack than downloading the app called OpenSezMe and tapping a virtual grage door opener’s button; you’re going to have to set up a computer with a relay switch so the command to open or shut can be sent over the Internet. I’m sure there are other ways to do this (radio transmitter?), but you’ll have to figure them out on your own.

If you do happen to have an Internet equipped box sitting in the old garage though, you can study the description of the set up by xda developer JsChiSurf here.

It’s an impressive and practical hack that has been refined with a GPS security feature so that the end user doesn’t accidentally open their garage while out of the country or sleeping, or anything like that. It’s also brilliant in that it makes so much sense that I’m surprized no one has mass marketed an easy-to-install version yet. Perhaps JsChiSurf should start tossing around ideas for brand names.

Via Android Central