Android Market will see ratings system

To hear some people tell it, Android is for porn. And while that’s certainly not the case, it has become a challenge to browse wallpapers, themes, or even apps without stumbling onto some thrown together collection of sexy images or other Market entry that shouldn’t be seen by younger eyes.

Google is doing something about this problem implementing a mandatory ratings system that classifies apps into four categories: All, Pre-Teen, Teen, and Mature. For info on determining what qualifies an app for each category, see the Android Market Help Center. Developers with existing apps in the Market will have a few weeks to submit content ratings for their published products before they are stamped with the default, Mature.

Products determined hateful or pornographic will be removed or rejected from Market inclusion. If you’re looking for the latter, the refurb’ed MiKandi is your best bet.

Via Android Developers Blog