Android phones will rule the European market in 2011, according to IDC

We’ve been talking about Android’s exponential growth for a while now, as you can see here, here, here and here. It seems like every week we see new reports from research firms all basically saying the same thing: Android is taking over the world, fast. This week, is research firm IDC’s turn to tell us how much Android is growing. According to them, Android will be the biggest smartphone platform in Europe next year, beating out Symbian. That’s a massive change for Android, which had a single digit market share just a year ago.

Android owned 23% of Western Europe’s market in the third quarter. Nipping at the iPhone’s heels and slightly behind Symbian. It’s just a matter of time before Android takes the throne away from Symbian, and that could very well happen next year. According to IDC, “The iPhone was last year’s hot device and now people are looking for something different,” said IDC analyst Francisco Jeronimo “The Galaxy S is seen as offering similar feel, function, and third-party applications to an iPhone for a lower price. ” Sounds good to us.

Via Bloomberg