Android TweetDeck users outnumber Mac TweetDeck users

TweetDeck has been a resounding success on the Mac OS, leading the top ten lists of countless blogs’ posts on the best Twitter clients for Mac. The AIR app has done well on iPhone, iPad, and Windows systems as well. But it’s core base has always been Mac users. That all changed yesterday, when, as @deckondroid and TweetDeck founder and CEO, @IainDodsworth announced on Twitter, that the number of Android TweetDeck users had surpassed the number of Mac TweetDeck users:

This brief blurb is actually pretty big news, because it says just as much about Android and the savviness of its users as it does about the quality and popularity of TweetDeck. This application was released as a beta version just three months ago. It only became a full-fledged, consumer-ready Market app one month ago. And now, if you type “TweetDeck for” in a Google search field, the first suggestion is “TweetDeck for Android.” TD has been available to Mac users for years, and even the iOS version had a tremendous jump start on the Android version. So how on Earth could Android use have surpassed use of TweetDeck on all other platforms, including the expanding Mac segment? Running across an ever-growing list of hardware doesn’t hurt, but maybe TweetDeck’s next post of numbers, pie charts, and color-coded platform use will shed some light on the situation.