AT&T’s Galaxy Tab could launch on Nov. 21st for $650

Well it’s been a long wait for details on Ma Bell’s version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab–a tablet computer based on the Galaxy S series of phones that will hit all four major U.S. carriers as its smaller counterparts did (quite successfully). Engadget has a shot of what appears to be internal training material and the launch is listed for November 21st with a recommended outright purchase price (without contract) of $649. That’s $50 more than the other carriers.

AT&T is bundling some apps and allowing for account management from the device, but is that worth the $50 premium? Will we see this thing on shelves for $600? My guess is yes for the last question, but we’ll have to wait until the 21st to find out for sure. T-Mobile’s Tab went on sale yesterday, Verizon’s drops today, and Sprint’s comes on the 14th. After AT&T’s launch, the next big Tab news could be the launch of a 10″ version!

Via Engadget