BLACK FRIDAY: Bargain round-up (watch for updates)

There are simply too many Android deals and steals out there for us to over all of them, but we’ll do our best to keep this post updated and you informed about where you should be looking for basement bargains and crazy holiday promos.

If you’ve been to busy catching up with relatives to do the virtual legwork, and haven’t a clue about who’s got the best deals, bookmark this post and check back over the next two days; DroidDog has got you covered with the links below. (Click through if you’re viewing an RSS feed.)

Some of the best Android bargains: Dell’s Android deals

Amazon’s Android attack

Android discounts at The Shack

Wirefly’s got some deals on the way, though they are mum about the pricing of the Droid Pro

Best Buy Mobile’s phone bargains

T-Mobile’s Black Friday BOGO (via TMoNews)

Verizon’s Black Friday specials (via Droid-Life)

Sony Google TV Blu-ray for $300 (via GTVHub)

Computer World’s best Black Friday deals

U.S. Cellular’s Black Friday sale (via Android Central)

Best apps for Black Friday (via PC World)

Navigon’s MobileNavigator Black Friday discount (via Android Guys)