Book review: Android Apps Marketing

So you have (or someone you’ve hired has) finally made it: programming languages have been learned, ideas have been hashed out, and it’s time to move forward with a program for the Android platform. Perhaps you’ve already created an app but aren’t sure what the next step is. Or maybe you’re an experienced publisher but want to make more money with the fruits of your extensive labor. Android Apps Marketing, Secrets to Selling Your Android App by Jeffry Hughes just might hold that “Ah ha!” moment or kick in the pants you’ve been waiting for.

The book, which sells for $24.99 US and $29.99 CAN or for $7.00 as an ebook offers up practical advice on everything from understanding your audience to using Android Analytics and provides information on topics including the timing of your Market activities and the establishment of a marketing plan.

The text is clear and concise, and laid out in a way that allows the concepts to be considered chronologically through the process of app creation and sales. But the book also functions as a non-linear reference for strategy sessions and promotional revamps. The examples of app descriptions in the Market, focus on seasonal and trendy subject matter, proven and ineffective methods of post-publishing promotion provide the reader a broader perspective on the Android Market as well as the software buying public at large, and could very well lead to a better understanding of one’s own app within the larger context.

Not being an app developer myself, I cannot provide any personal success story testimony, but I can’t imagine a developer reading this book without gaining some new insight.

By offering data, key concepts in marketing, insight into the ebb and flow of app markets, and clear, short chapter summaries, Android Apps Marketing makes the details of the complex world of software sales and marketing digestible without oversimplifying language or concepts.