CYBER MONDAY: Last day to get Sony’s Google TV products with up to $200 off!

Haven’t had enough competitive consumerism for the season? Well, Cyber Monday may not require shoulder pads and a helmet, but the deals found online are still peppered with that Black Friday cheer. And today happens to be the last day (for now) that you can grab yourself a Google TV-equipped Sony product for up to $200 off of the sticker price.

Sony Internet televisions, the most expensive GTV option currently available, offer the greatest discounts. But you can still grab a GTV Blu-ray for $299 at Sony Style. Best Buy still has bargains on the Internet televisions, but the Blu-ray is back up to $399.

If you’re looking to dive in to Google TV, get it while the getting is good. Or, you know…wait for more products/software updates to be released.

Via Twitter