Did we see the Olympus? No, Etna, says tipster

Gizmodo’s Kat Hannaford asked us early this morning, “Is This Motorola’s Dual-Core Olympus Phone?” (See Dustin’s post here.) An anonymous source is telling DroidDog that while the phone in the image below (via Gizmodo) definitely resembles the Olympus, it’s actually being referred to internally as Etna–more likely a tribute to the world’s largest active volcano than to the LG device by the same name.

Next bit, the specs. The word we’re getting is that it is not a dual core device but a single core clocked at 2GHz. Perhaps I should have said ‘spec’ as that’s the only number we have to go on. The source says it feels like an EVO, so a 4″+ display is likely. It has front and rear cameras (as can be surmised fro the photo) and will launch on Verizon’s LTE network in Q1 with Gingerbread.

Now if this is one of two Olympus phones being developed alongside Moto’s Stingray tablet, it’s possible that the other, sister phone, is being called Olympus and is simply headed for another network, like AT&T.

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