Dual-camera HTC PB92300 passes through the FCC

A new HTC device (PB92300) passed through the FCC recently that may, or may not, be some sort of HTC Aria (PB92110) clone sporting a back and front-facing camera. Why is it rumored to be a close relative to the Aria? When comparing the sticker in the FCC documents, and the sticker found on the Aria, the layout, shape, and size appear to be identical.

One could argue this device may run on Windows Phone 7, since HTC has their hands in manufacturing with both operating systems. While WP7 isn’t quite ready for front-facing camera support yet, the confidentiality request put in by HTC doesn’t expire until May 15th, 2011. In other words, we’ll just have to keep our eyes out to see what this device is going to turn into. Until then, feel free to speculate your heart out in the comments.

Below, you’ll find a picture of the sticker from the FCC filing, and the back of the Aria beneath it.

Via AndroidCommunity

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