Get your Clockwork Recovery, G2 owners

One of the most popular recovery images, Clockwork, can now be installed on your T-Mobile G2, simply by grabbing ROM Manager from the Market. There is a Free version and a Premium version that runs $4.99.

ROM Manager makes it easy to flash different cooked ROMs from within the Android OS (or at least to queue the flash, which will trigger a reboot and automation) and to rename your back up files. Clockwork Allows deeper control from recovery mode, including Nandroid back ups–an invaluable capability for those who like to try on different ROMs, but don’t want to loose their apps, data, icon placement, etc.

Now that the G2′s root issues have been resolved, we’re bound to see a flood of hacked software making its way onto Magenta’s QWERTY flagship.

Via Android Central