Google Goggle’s marketing experiment

By now, I’m sure most Android users have taken a moment to see what Google Goggles is all about. Goggles is essentially Googles answer to your average barcode scanning app. Upon scanning barcodes, labels, and other similar items, Goggles analyzes said scan, and presents a series of links Google labels related. Simple enough right? Well fresh from the Google Mobile Blog, comes news of a new way to use Google Goggles with the marketing and advertising that surrounds us everyday.

Goggles-enabled advertising will initially only appear from five major brands – Buick, Disney, Diageo, T-Mobile and Delta Airlines – but be on the lookout for ads from other companies soon. Check out the picture below to get a taste of what a Goggles-enabled ad will look like. Very clean, non-intrusive, and highly interactive. What more could you ask for?

Via Google Mobile Blog