Google Holiday Media Party 2010

A media only super special holiday party hosted by Google? You don’t say… Oh? And it’s “an evening of informal (and off the record) conviviality with our Communications staff and key Googlers?” This is getting interesting… Jackpot! “Drinks and hearty appetizers will be served.”

All kidding aside, Google is now sending out invites to the Google Holiday Media Party 2010, to be held on December 13th, where media elites will get a chance to chat it up with Google staff, and keep it off the record. Right off the bat, you’d think this could mean one of two things: Either Google has some secret upcoming news they just can’t wait to brag about, or they want to pay some respect to the media who has given them such a big boost over the past year’s Android explosion. I’m guessing it’s going to be slightly more of the latter, but I wouldn’t doubt it if after a few drinks some secrets were spilled. The only question now, is who’s gonna blab? No one? We’ll just see about that.

Via SlashGear