Google releases YouTube Remote

Google added a new app to the Android Market today, and it’s called YouTube Remote. It does just what you would expect it to do, and perhaps a bit more. The idea is that it allows you to navigate and control YouTube on your phone while watching the videos (in Leanback mode) on a larger screen. It works with any device that can run Leanback, which means Google TV support! Along with the desperate need for a new Netflix app and any Amazon VoD app, somewhat clunky YouTube control has been one of my top complaints with Google TV. No more, and while YouTube Remote functions across a number of devices, Google TV seems to be the most practical implementation.

Set up is a piece of cake and consists of signing onto YouTube on both devices–your phone and the playback device. Browsing videos and adding them to a playlist is a snap. And the coolest part (for those who are absolutely obsessed with YouTube and watch day in and day out): If you pause one video in the playback window on your phone and launch another video on your TV/computer, then come back to your phone, the original video resumes. OK, so that’s really not all that useful, but cool nonetheless.

YouTube Remote is free in the Android Market. Scan the QR code at the bottom of this post to download.

Via L.A. Times