HTC EVO 4G dock by KiDiGi

Just last night my extended EVO battery died on me (after 36 hours of use) right as I lay down in bed, shut off the lights and plugged in my earbuds. I went through my four batteries–yes, I have four–popping each one into the back of my EVO and rebooting in search of enough juice to send me off to dreamland by way of the Coast to Coast AM highway. During this quest I was wishing I had something that would charge a spare battery while I was expending the power of another. Something like…a dock with a battery slot.

DroidDog reader George K. recently ordered such a dock by KiDiGi from ebay for just $20. I’m reluctant to link to ebay auctions here, but deals can be found if you search.

Of course, longevity remains to be determined but immediate impressions are positive. You won’t find any HDMI-out or audio jack on this gadget, but you’ve got a USB connection for data transfers/sync and you can charge two standard-sized batteries at once–one in the phone and one in the dock.

Thanks for the photos and information, George!

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