HTC Mecha in the flesh

What do you get when you cross an HD7 with a Desire HD? What could be one of Verizon’s first LTE devices to hit the airwaves. Not only does this super sexy 4.3″ slab, known simply as the Mecha (or Incredible HD), borrow the ear-piece from the Desire HD, but it also takes a hint from the HD7 with a concave mesh inlay towards the mic; Truly a magical combination. An even better combination? LTE and Sense 2.2. If you’ll kindly pay attention to the notification bar in the top of the picture, that is indeed a 4G symbol gracing a device destined to land on Big Red.

So I know what you’re thinking, when does this bad boy come out? Unfortunately, we don’t know. A good guess would be some time in Q1 2011, but hey, stranger things have happened. Look for more information on the HTC Mecha, or Incredible HD, as soon as it’s available.

Via Android Central

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