Image of Sony Ericsson’s Anzu leaked

Sony Ericsson is in a bit of a pinch: their X10 series of phones, meant to represent a major entrance into the world of Android, was horribly delayed and what started as a groundbreaking vision of OEM-tailored Android tech was released an outdated, under-supported, somewhat non-responsive relic. If SE wants to recover the fumble and make a name for themselves as a premiere Android manufacturer, they need to approach the next strike armed to the teeth with guns a-blazin’, and it appears that that plan is in motion.

The PlayStation phone–a.k.a., Zeus–is already drawing the lustful attention of hard-core and casual gamers alike, but this leak is perhaps a bit more interesting in terms of SE’s long-term goals in that it doesn’t seem to rely on the novelty or existing brand recognition of the PS phone. This one is currently known as Anzu, and is said to be launching with Gingerbread (Android 2.3, hopefully before Android 5.0 is out), though it’s rocking 2.1 in the snap below. It’s being referred to as the successor to the X10, and my be the XPERIA X12.

The device, which is said to be under development alongside Zeus, features a 4.3″ display, HDMI-out, and is very, very thin:

Via X10 Blog by way of Engadget